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Liberty Mountain Fabrication started out in 1999 as a small off-road vehicle fabrication shop in a two car garage. It grew into a sustainable business while the owner was in college and if you are reading this, something must be working still. It is primarily a one man show that has seen a few minor attempts to expand. Today the shop does business with tools, rigs, industrial steel, and a passion to get the job done.

I build everything from extreme street driven rock crawlers to full competition crawlers. If your rig isn't in need of any fab work, but maybe needs some help in the shock tuning department, contact me and I can help! If you're in the market for artistic fabrication, such as sculptures, furniture, gates and fencing, I can tackle that as well! 

Liberty Mountain Fabrication has the equipment to get the job done, and does the following types of work:

• Mig

• Tig

• Stick

• Plasma

• Torch

• Milling

• Lathe work

• Tube Bending

Welding mediums consist of:

- Mild Steel (Mig, Stick, Tig)

- Stainless Steel (Tig)

- Chromoly (Tig)

- Aluminum (Tig)

- Inquire about Titanium

Why us?

There is no project too small and nothing too complicated. Bring your ideas or drawings and we’ll find a solution together.

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